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Crystal Touchstone - SATORI ACCESSORIES
Crystal Touchstone - SATORI ACCESSORIES
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Scorpio’s have a reputation for being passionate and mysterious. As a water sign, they have a magnetic charm, strong intuition, and desire for emotional depth. One of the strengths of Scorpio is their strong will, once they decide upon a path they are determined to follow it. This sign is ruled by two planets : Pluto and Mars. These planets complement each other, like fire and ice. This explains a Scorpio’s innate intensity.

Metaphysical Properties - Balance, attunement with spirituality. Love, potential, dispels stress. Assists in connecting your heart and mind. Heals emotions and physical wounds. Encourages forgiveness and strengthens the bonds in love relationships.

Dates: 23 Oct - 21 Nov
Stone: Rhodonite
Ruling Planet: Pluto & Mars
Element: Water
Symbol: Scorpian



Keep your Rhodonite touchstone close to you as much as possible. Carry it with you wherever you go and place it under your pillow when asleep. 


You can charge crystals by placing them in a spot where they will receive direct sunlight or moonlight. The light will penetrate your crystal and fill it with positive energy.

  • To use light to purify a crystal, place the crystal in a spot where it will be directly exposed to the light. For example, you may want to set your crystal on a table or banister outside, or on an open windowsill facing the moon or sun.
  • Allow your crystal to be exposed to light for about 24 hours. You may need to leave your crystal in place for a couple of days or nights to make sure that it receives adequate light.
  • You can charge the crystals under the sun for action or passion, or under the moon for reflection and healing.



Size: 20-30mm
Rhodonite Crystal Touchstone
High Polish 

Sold Individually

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